Our Green Pledge

Our mission is to continue to exceed our customers expectations with service, value creation and quality.

We are focussed on green packaging solutions and dedicated to enhancing our product offering, that will have a positive environmental impact. We remain committed and focussed on all the key markets we serve and we will lead the way in ‘green’ film technology.

From our Biofilm material made from sugar cane that can be used for a variety of products to our exclusive Tristar material which can lower your carbon footprint by 30%. Polystar Plastics is dedicated to helping you make the change in one of the most significant aspects of all.

We are a plastics company that focuses on green packaging solutions that will have a positive impact while additionally supporting customers with their packaging obligations and requirements. To do this, we rely on several contributing factors but are primarily concerned with 4 specialised product groups.

Going green is no longer an optional luxury of life choice; it is an essential responsibility that everyone must embrace.

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Biofilm Polythene Packaging

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Tristar Polythene Packaging

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Biofilm™ is a bio-based material made from sugar cane. It’s the process of photosynthesis as the plant grows that makes this product carbon positive.

The sugar cane actively captures CO2 from the atmosphere, while at the same time releasing oxygen – making this material not just green, but proactively green.

Biofilm™ Polythene – The Benefits

Our exclusive Biofilm™ material can be chosen as an alternative option to standard polythene for your plastic packaging across our entire product range. It offers your company the opportunity to improve your green credentials, meet legislative requirements and deliver improved environmental solutions.


Reduce Your Costs with Tristar Polythene Packaging

We have produced our exclusive Tristar plastic packaging manufactured using a blend of advanced polymers, this co-extruded, lightweight polythene gives significant levels of strength to your plastic packaging whilst offering substantial cost savings against standard polythene materials. Tristar™ is an advanced material blend of polymers which provide a lighter weight film with unrivalled dart impact and tear resistance.

With a constant commitment towards innovation, Polystar are proud to offer this next generation packaging material which has received acclaimed reviews throughout the UK and Mainland Europe.

Tristar Polythene – Advantages

By using this unique material, we can offer a thinner plastic film which will not only be of equivalent strength but will also reduce both your polythene consumption and carbon footprint by up to 30%.

As well as helping to save the environment by reducing your plastic packaging waste, switching to Tristar™ will typically save you up to 20% in cost.

Compostable/Bio Degradable

Our compostable bags and film are 100% compostable meaning you can line your compost caddies with our compostable liners and place it all in the compost without having to worry about the effects on the environment.

Currently, the UK generates over 30 million tonnes of household waste every year, approximately 35% of which is garden and kitchen waste.

Compostable Plastic Bag Solution

Through continued research, development, and field trials, Polystar are proud to be one of the key independent specialist UK manufacturers, which can produce this next generation product which is a 100% compostable.

Advantages of Compostable Plastic Bags

The main advantage is that our bio-plastic does not contain any starch. Starch is sensitive to moisture so if you left standard compostable bags in damp conditions (e.g. inside the bin or under the sink), they can begin to prematurely degrade. This can lead to your waste ending up on the floor and not in the composter.

Why Choose Compostable Plastic Bags?

Our technology that makes our compostable bags is a blend of co-polyester and PLA (sugar cane, which is a renewable resource).

The benefits of this compostable solution are:

  • Outstanding mechanical properties and perform in a way similar to regular polythene bags and film
  • Very high content of natural resource raw material
  • Superior breathability
  • Excellent ink adhesion for professional print quality

Our compostable plastic bags all adhere to the following specifications:

  • Are manufactured in the UK at our own facility.
  • EN13432 Accredited
  • Can be made in any size although the most common are 7 or 10 litre caddy liner, 25 litre bag and 80 litre sack.
  • Available on a roll or loose in boxes
  • Fully printable with your logo and details

An environmentally friendly alternatives to standard polythene film and bags, our degradable film are designed to break down naturally making it easier to dispose of and eliminating the need for to recycle or take up space in landfill sites.

Over time, all standard plastic will eventually biodegrade, but this will take many decades. Our Oxy Biodegradable range means you can bin your waste, without thinking about harm caused to the environment.

We have partnered with a leading plastic technologist to develop a biodegradable plastics material that not only fully degrades to minimise the impact from landfill, but is also 100% recyclable.

The product is available in conjunction with any of our materials.

Our biodegradable packaging’s key features include the following:

  • Full recyclable
  • Only a small premium
  • Equivalent strength and weight to normal plastic
  • Leak proof
  • Degrades on land or sea

For large local authority clients, we have various initiatives which Polystar can offer such as free tree planting. This helps the countryside, increases our biodiversity, and raises significant awareness in local communities from the PR generated.

Biofilm™ and TRISTAR™ can be used across our full plastic packaging product range including:

Collation Shrink Film 

Secure your products using low-density polyethylene (LDPE) collation shrink film for a cost-effective, efficient, versatile packaging solution.

Pallet Covers and Top Sheets

Pallet covers are the most cost-effective way of ensuring your products remain dry and dust-free.

Mailing Bags and Film

Our plastic mailing bags provide the perfect mailing film solution, so your literature reaches its customers in quality condition.

Food Grade Polythene and Dolav Liners

Polystar manufacture a wide range of specially designed bespoke plastic food liners.

Form Film Seal Packing

Form fill seal packaging is ideal for food manufacturers and the agricultural market ensuring perishable products reach customers in the best quality.